IntelliVue patient monitoring scaling care across the hospital with networked monitoring devices.
Safe, reliable networking is pivotal to the success of patient monitoring. It serves as a backbone infrastructure that can enhance efficiencies, patient safety and quality of care. It promotes continuum of care by allowing patients to be monitored in various locations, and for life critical data and alarms to be transmittable for analysis and surveillance.

As a market leader across the entire  patient monitoring spectrum – bedside, transport, portable or wearable, wired or wireless – Philips understands the rigorous healthcare and IT industry standards, and the needs and requirements of Clinical, IT and Biomed departments. 
Assurances for
Assurances for
healthcare organisations
Find out how Philips solutions address the concerns of clinicians and help make informed decisions across the continuum of care.
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Continuity of data for
efficient information 
Continuity of data for efficient information workflow
No matter where they go,
IntelliVue MMS X2 goes too.
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More mobility for patients.
More freedom for you. 
More mobility for patients. More freedom for you.
Find out how freedom to move around the care unit means more freedom for you.
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Patient monitoring and
EMR integration at work 
Patient monitoring and EMR integration at work
The complete array of Philips monitoring systems at National Hospital of Surabaya has allowed for the hospital to provide the best quality care to patients through easy-to-use observation technology and support.
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Did you know?
Over 190 million patients monitored by Philips monitors
Bedside and transport monitoring with
802.11 wireless infrastructure 
802.11 Wireless Infrastructure
Bedside and transport monitoring on an industry-standard 802.11 a/g infrastructure.
Smart Hopping Telemetry 
Smart Hopping Telemetry
The robust clinical network evolves with you to support your wired and wireless patient data flow.