The IntelliBridge interface solutions family delivering clear information the way you need it

Every year, you continuously invest in medical devices and hospital IT systems. Over time you realise that there are gaps between the values promised and values actually achieved.

It is because without an enterprise interoperability strategy and interface solution, more and more isolated “islands of data” are created. These clusters of medical data and health information are not effectively and not timely delivered to the clinicians. How can you improve the information flow? Your healthcare enterprise needs technology solutions that work with your EMR and HIS systems within your existing IT infrastructure. Simply put, you need to simplify an interoperability strategy that integrates and works across your enterprise.


At Philips, we provide an intelligent approach to interoperability through a spectrum of products, solutions, and services. Beyond bridging and transporting data, our solutions also actively integrate and process the data and alarms.


The goal is to enable an advanced clinical intelligence with a simplified way to access complete patient clinical data. We call this the "IntelliBridge" approach. It bridges the gaps and addresses several areas of need to help deliver rich and meaningful information to clinicians across the continuum of care – effectively and efficiently.

How does the
IntelliBridge solution work? 
How does the IntelliBridge solution work?
Philips IntelliBridge services and solutions are designed to improve and simplify patient data availability from EMR and bedside monitors to departmental data systems.
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Delivering vital signs
to the EMR 
Validated vital signs directly delivered to EMR at North Kansas City Hospital
Philips SureSigns VS3 monitors deliver validated vital signs to the EMR and provide real-time information access to clinicians at North Kansas City Hospital.
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Patient monitoring and EMR
integration at work 
Patient monitoring and EMR integration at work
Deployment of the complete array of Philips monitoring systems at National Hospital Surabaya in Indonesia allows close integration with their EMR and enables higher healthcare standard.
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Our commitment to
standards-based interoperability 
Our commitment to standards-based interoperability
This paper reviews some basic concepts of interoperability with a focus on IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) and examples of how interoperability can be used to facilitate the exchange of clinical information across the continuum of care.
Our collaborations with
EMR vendors 
Our collaborations with EMR vendors
Philips is always actively pursuing collaborative relationships with EMR and EHR vendors to deliver long-term value to our customers. For example, many Philips solutions have achieved Cerner certification.
Philips executives talk
about Interoperability 
Philips executives talk about Interoperability
Philips executives share our visions on interoperability in various media and articles.
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Philips informatics solutions
at work 
Philips informatics solutions at work
A 2011 survey found that the second largest barrier to adoption of technology by doctors is "Too much data, not enough actionable information". Philips solutions for interoperability, clinical decision support, telehealth and mobility can help.
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