Providing clinical data and information that helps you make decisions when it counts
The need to access comprehensive patient information is more vital in the complicated environment of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) than any other departments, where the volume of data from multiple sources is massive and timely decision making is critical.

Our innovative, future-proof monitoring platform is flexible, scalable and provides rich views of all patient-centric data (including device and other hospital systems data).  With extensive Clinical Decision Support tools connect you to caring for your patients where and when you need it.

Paper-based systems can no longer live up to the data management challenge that ICUs face nowadays. Our informatics solutions can help improve documentation and analytics quality, and facilitate informed decision making.
Philips' range of
Patient Monitoring Solutions 
Philips Patient Monitoring Solutions
Philips IntelliVue patient monitors are designed to deliver accurate, real-time physiological patient data in one intuitive view that clinicians the world over have come to rely on when making clinical decisions.
Managing hospital acquired
infections to speed recovery 
Manage hospital acquired infections to speed recovery
Pre-empt hospital acquired infections with tools to speed patient recovery and shorten length of stay.
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Your choice in
Monitoring Network 
Your choice in Monitoring Network
Philips provides turnkey networks or solutions that leverage your corporate IT network ensuring reliable and safe monitoring of Philips devices and life critical data.
Improving outcomes in the ICU 
Using tele-ICU to improve patient outcomes in the ICU
Tele-ICU can help to Reduce Length of stay, increase compliance to best practises and lower rates of preventable complications.
Next Generation
Central Station 
Philips IntelliVue Information Center iX
Investing in a future-proof clinical platform that creates efficiencies and empowers you to make fast, informed decisions.
Clinical Information Systems
for ICU and OT 
Clinical Information Systems for ICU and OT
Improving patient care with advanced decision support backed by structured documentation and analysis.
40 years of meaningful innovation
in patient monitoring 
Bringing you 40 years of meaningful innovation in patient monitoring.
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Enterprise Interoperability 
Enabling Enterprise Interoperability
Delivering rich and meaningful information to clinicians throughout the continuum of care to enable fast, informed decision making.